Stuart Wells

District leaders celebrated at County St George’s awards

26 April 2013


We are delighted to say ten adults and young leaders from our District were invited to receive awards at the County St Georges Day Ceremony:

Sandra Chick and Joyce Broughton are members of both District and Group Exec’s and were thanked for all of their hard work supporting scouting in our District.

Jenny Campbell and Barbara Armitage and Linda Evans of the District Active Support Unit received a big thank you, without whom many of our events would be short of adult support and many children and leaders alike would go unfed at camp!

Pete Relph has put a huge amount of effort into the District since returning to us, in his roles as DESC and ADC Development, Pete has recruited new leaders, helped open new sections and a big thank you was definetly due!

Laurie Grey has been with 68th since being a Beaver and recently took on an adult leadership warrant, his help with planning and organising events and activities in addition to providing an excellent role model was recognised.

Young leaders Stuart Wells and Adam Rowlinson were presented with a certificate as a thank you for their hard work, both as sectional young leaders but also with a much wider involvement in supporting groups around the district and at district events.


Adrian Newland’s name may be familiar even if you’ve not met him! As treasurer of 9th he has assisted in organising the groups finances and upkeep of their building as well as providing practical help with its upkeep.  All that in addition to supporting Kay’s work in scouting for the last 40 years.