Stuart Wells
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Leaders give Cubs a weekend to remember

23 June 2013


This year’s pirate themed county Cub camp began with a more electric atmosphere than ever before. A total of 461 Cubs flooded the campsite; the largest number of participants in five years.


The camp began with each of the nine districts gathering in the campfire circle for the opening ceremony, which couldn’t have had a better start than with a sing-along to the YMCA!


This of course filled the Cubs with even more anticipation and excitement, as the ceremony continued with pirate themed games. One of these was the pirate quiz, where a member of the service team had to answer questions such as: “What’s a pirate’s gun called?” If the person got it wrong (which was often) a couple of the Cubs took great delight in covering him in thick, slimy gunge. This proved to be the most popular part of the ceremony!


After the ceremony, the Cubs took part in a scavenger hunt; a great activity for communication skills as they had to go and talk to people they didn’t know. A Cub from Hinckley district described the hunt as “really good”, and after an hour or so of running around, most of them retired for the evening and enjoyed a delicious supper of hotdogs. However, many of them couldn’t sleep due to the thought of the exciting activities they planned to endure on the following day.


The Saturday of this annual cubs’ Wannado event began with the tradition of ‘grand howl’ (a celebration the Cubs use when they start a Cub night), before setting off on a day filled with exciting activities. These activities included archery, body zorbing, fire lighting, talented cubs, climbing, abseiling, craft activities and more. They also had the chance to enjoy  some off-site activities such as rock climbing and cycling.


An ever popular activity was fire lighting, which is a very important Scouting skill. We spoke to Elliot from North East district who told us that he was “learning techniques with fire lighting” which showed him how to light fires safely outdoors, a skill that he will need as he continues to grow through Scouting.


We also became aware that Cubs and leaders love to take to the stage when it comes to a bit of karaoke and a boogie, as the activity ‘Talented Cubs’ demonstrated. The atmosphere in the Talented Cubs’ tent was buzzing as Max, from Loughborough district, told us how he danced to the ‘Harlem Shake’ and that he liked the fact that there was an A to Z music selection, meaning that they could sing whatever they liked.

We also visited the rock climbing area, which was an adventurous challenge for all of the Cubs who took part. Sophie from Melton told us after an exhausting but thrilling trip up the rock wall, that to climb up you have to “put your foot on the ledges or find the cracks”.

The day finished with the street fair, which involved the stocks, eating jelly with your hands tied behind your back and finally a traditional campfire.  All the Cubs went off to bed tired and muddy after a full day of activities, ready for the next day’s continued adventure…


A big thank you from the district to all the leaders and parents involved; these camps couldn’t happen without you.