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Hag Dyke: A weekend thouroughly enjoyed in North Yorkshire

24 February 2014

JA -131117-12379Between 15th and 17th November, 20 explorers (14-18 year old scouts) and 6 leaders went on an exciting weekend to Hag dyke, North Yorkshire for an active weekend of caving, hiking and very explosive potato canons.

We left St Peters church hall at 6:30 on the Friday seting off on what turned out to be the longest journey to camp I’ve ever had. A quick break at wooley edge left us ready to go, not long now… or so I thought! At 11:30 we finally got to the car park, little did I know there was another 1 1/8 mile hike to get there.

We had no idea where we were going, luckily a leader did (or so we thought). After what seemed like forever we finally arrived, in desperate need of food we cleared the trailer strangely quick and sorted our dorms out. We all returned back downstairs and sorted the hotdogs out, afterwards we all sat around the fire and talked of what we thought the weekend would bestow upon us and what we’d get up to. At 3:00 (am) I went to bed, to soon be followed by the rest. I thought I’d get a good few hours sleep but had forgotten I had to be up in 4 hours and that everyone was well and truly doped up on caffeine. Then the carols began, silent night in perfect harmony (much to jenni’s annoyance!) finally we went to sleep.

3 hours later we were up again tired and unsure of what to wear we stumbled downstairs and raced for coffee. Sausages were cooked and we quickly had breakfast. As soon as we were finished we left for the trek back down the hill and onwards to caving. We were met by the caving team near to the location and were all ready to go. After a quick safety talk and putting on a harness and cowstails we took the short walk to our abseil point and we were off.

After two hours of crawling, dragging, sloshing and me taking up lodging in a four foot hole head first, we emerged into daylight. Tired and wanting a rest we went back to the minibus to get changed into dry clothes and to eat our lunch.

On returning to the car park, we had to yet again make the arduous journey back up the hill. This was by far the worst journey back up. After getting back into the hostel we had a quick shower and started on dinner prep. More potatoes than a farmers market and more beef than a cattle farm (well, 6.8 kilos). The estimated dinner time was 9:30. After a couple of hours, the other group returned and upon checking of the beef we discovered the oven had gone out therefore delaying our dinner. Estimated time of dinner: 10:30. Finally, at 11:00 we sat down and ate our dinner, all ravenous, we ate rapidly leaving barely anything spare a few carrots and the outer of the beef. Afterwards we sat around the fire and played card games and drank hot chocolate and other drinks. An earlier bed time was forced upon us so as we would be awake the following day.

Sunday morning we woke up at roughly 8:00 we slowly went downstairs to be met by a couple of leaders. Me and another explorer started up the scout steel band again ensuring all who were asleep were now well and truly awake, especially leaders. Breakfast was a full, hearty fried english breakfast. Later on we finished off the potato canons we started making whilst waiting for dinner to cook the night before and I took on my role as crash test dummy again in order to check they were all safe to use. At around 10:00 we started firing them at/ over the nearby hill behind the hostel. After 3 breaking and one exploding the previous night we called it a day and tidied up. Time to say goodbye to Hag Dyke.

Time for the trip back and after another stop at Wooley Edge and two biohazard stops we all made it back to our starting point at St Peters church hall again

“shattered and ready for bed we all departed after a truly brilliant weekend.”