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Cubs from across the Couty unite… For Christmas?

24 June 2014

A Christmas themed camp? In the middle of June? You must think we’re bonkers! Well that was exactly the theme of this year’s annual County Cub Camp, providing a fantastic weekend of fun, adventure and challenges for 455 young people in Leicestershire.

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The Cub Scouts dashed into the ironically hot winter wonderland, waving goodbye enthusiastically to their parents as they raced up the hill of The Oaks in Charnwood campsite, eager to begin their magical weekend. They were able to take part in a huge variety of activities, from whizzing down the hill on a Grass Sledge, to getting muddy in the Jungle Run and showing off their fabulous singing skills in the ‘Cubs got Talent’ tent. There was also off site activities such as Rock climbing, Water Activities and Mountain biking. Daniel Cunningham, 10 (South East District) said “I’ve done sailing all day, it was really good. It was fun because I’ve never done this before!” Of course it wasn’t just the Cub Scouts who had a brilliant time; South East Leaders did too! When we asked what he thought of this year’s Christmas theme, Beaver Leader Andrew Herbert who was assisting with his Cubs on the camp said: “it’s slightly unusual but adds more fun to it, it adds more spontaneity!”

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We also had the pleasure of being joined by one of the Leicestershire Units who will be attending the World Scout Jamboree in Japan in 2015! Senna Patel, a 13 year old, said why he loved being at County Cub Camp: “it’s a chance for us to get to know each other, to be able to help out with all the Cubs.” He also commented: “one of our motives was that all the Cubs would be old enough for the next Jamboree in four years’ time.” The unit spent the camp chatting to Cubs and talking about their future adventure, whilst running the ‘Talking Rhythms’ base, where the Cubs got creative by using empty bottles and boxes to create a magnificent tune!

Overall the Cub Scouts had a wonderful time on the camp, including a Street Fair which allowed them to visit other Districts and take part in wacky challenges such as eating jelly with no hands, and splatting a leader with a wet sponge! They also took part in a blazing campfire, which created a contagiously bubbly atmosphere amongst all who attended. When we asked Sam Best, 9 why he loves about being a Cub on camp, he told us “because I like adventure!”

Written by the County Young Media Team