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30 Nov 2014

Cubs from Oadby have been celebrating winning Leicester South East District Cub Scout’s annual swimming gala. With teams competing from across Oadby, Wigston, Knighton and Stoneygate on Saturday 22nd at Aylestone Leisure Centre. “My favourite was swimming a length in my pyjamas” said Cerys (aged 9), “it was part of a medley race where we all worked together as a team” added Adam (also 9), both of 58th Leicester (Oadby Trinity) Scout Group. Runners up in the gala were 9th Leicester (Westleigh) Cubs. For more information on Scouting for both young people and adult volunteering contact:

12 Nov 2014

Did you know that SE District has an Active Support Section? Do you know what we do and who we are?

Who are we?

The Active Support are all members of the Scout Association, some hold leader warrants and some are AS (Active Support) members – anyone in the District can belong.

What do we do?

Active Support is there to do ‘what it says on the tin’ – Support our sections and the District in anyway we can. This could be helping out at a one off event such as a camp, competition, outing where extra leaders are needed. It could be a one off help at meetings, but we are not there to fill a full leader role.