30 Nov 2014

Cubs from Oadby have been celebrating winning Leicester South East District Cub Scout’s annual swimming gala. With teams competing from across Oadby, Wigston, Knighton and Stoneygate on Saturday 22nd at Aylestone Leisure Centre. “My favourite was swimming a length in my pyjamas” said Cerys (aged 9), “it was part of a medley race where we all worked together as a team” added Adam (also 9), both of 58th Leicester (Oadby Trinity) Scout Group. Runners up in the gala were 9th Leicester (Westleigh) Cubs. For more information on Scouting for both young people and adult volunteering contact:

24 Jun 2014
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A Christmas themed camp? In the middle of June? You must think we’re bonkers! Well that was exactly the theme of this year’s annual County Cub Camp, providing a fantastic weekend of fun, adventure and challenges for 455 young people in Leicestershire.

The Cub Scouts dashed into the ironically hot winter wonderland, waving goodbye enthusiastically to their parents as they raced up the hill of The Oaks in Charnwood campsite, eager to begin their magical weekend. They were able to take part in a huge variety of activities, from whizzing down the hill on a Grass Sledge, to getting muddy in the Jungle Run and showing off their fabulous singing skills in the ‘Cubs got Talent’ tent. There was also off site activities such as Rock climbing, Water Activities and Mountain biking. Daniel Cunningham, 10 (South East District) said “I’ve done sailing all day, it was really good. It was fun because I’ve never done this before!” Of course it wasn’t just the Cub Scouts who had a brilliant time; South East Leaders did too! When we asked what he thought of this year’s Christmas theme, Beaver Leader Andrew Herbert who was assisting with his Cubs on the camp said: “it’s slightly unusual but adds more fun to it, it adds more spontaneity!”

13 Jun 2014
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The sun was shining brightly across Willow Park on Sunday 8th June, in prefect readiness for 28th Leicester (Wigston) Scout Groups’ summer gala! It wasn’t long after the gates opened that members of the public swarmed in, taking in the exciting atmosphere from not only the cheery Scouts running each of the stalls, but also from the first live performance of the Seaforth Highlanders, a pipes and drums band with the combination of Scottish dancing!
The day was a buzz of energy with plenty of entertainments for both adults and young people, including bouncy castles, children’s races, raffle prizes such as a signed Tigers rugby ball, face painting, table top sales, splat a Scout with a sponge, a fabulous show from the Capital Cheer Junior Cheerleaders, and tug-of-war with a Road Roller! Harry, a Scout from the 28th commented

24 Feb 2014
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The 9th cub scouts started off 2014 with most of the pack attending the BBC’s ‘Stargazing Live’ event at the Leicester University on Wednesday 8th January.

The evening was really wet – so wet that all the outside activities had to be cancelled. (When I arrived back home I literally had to wring out my socks!) But, never deterred we all turned up and the cubs soon got stuck into all the great activities being run inside the University.

Many of the parents had supported us and so we were able to split up into small groups so that the cubs could get the most out of the evening.

24 Feb 2014

You might have heard that Scouting is changing. For the first time, we’re offering an additional alternative Promise that will allow those who have no faith to promise to do their best, to uphold our Scout values and to do their duty to the Queen.

But what does that mean to Scouting here in Leicestershire?

Put simply, it means more people than ever can join Scouting. We are committed to being an inclusive organisation and we have removed barriers that might prevent those who share our values from taking part.

7 Jul 2013
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This Sunday (7th July) was a reminder of last year’s summer of sport. Not only did Murray bring Wimbledon home, but almost 70 Cubs from eight packs in South East battled for the first place shield at Saffron Lane stadium.

There was no chance of the day being rained off this year, with temperatures of almost 30 degrees and not a cloud in sight.  The standards were high throughout the heats, with every Cub giving it 110% and fighting for a place in the final. Between the heats and the finals, spirits were as high as the temperature, with Harry (61st) describing the morning so far as “Brilliant, awesome and wonderful!” and Cameron (58th) said it was “way better than school sports day” and every pack still was very hopeful for the finals.

23 Jun 2013

This year’s pirate themed county Cub camp began with a more electric atmosphere than ever before. A total of 461 Cubs flooded the campsite; the largest number of participants in five years.

The camp began with each of the nine districts gathering in the campfire circle for the opening ceremony, which couldn’t have had a better start than with a sing-along to the YMCA!

This of course filled the Cubs with even more anticipation and excitement, as the ceremony continued with pirate themed games. One of these was the pirate quiz, where a member of the service team had to answer questions such as: “What’s a pirate’s gun called?” If the person got it wrong (which was often) a couple of the Cubs took great delight in covering him in thick, slimy gunge. This proved to be the most popular part of the ceremony!