30 Jun 2013

The weekend of 28th – 30th June brought fun in the sun for two of the district’s Explorer Units. Six Explorers from the Pioneers and Tornados Units in Oadby travelled down to the Welsh borders for a weekend of adrenaline fuelled fun.

With a choice of Mountain Biking, Caving, Canoeing and Climbing, there was no shortage of excitement.  It was the first time many of the group had been caving, Ben Groombridge of the Tornados said “it was excellent, I’d definetly do it again”.  Our Explorers also had success in various challenges over the weekend. Jamie Wood of the Pioneers managed a mighty second place in the Arm Wrestling competition, losing out to a leader (boo!) whilst Lawrence Brimm of the Tornados won an award for most impressive Canoeing achievement – sitting at the top of a set of rapids and performing not one but two 360o turns!  We also came home with the award for most grievous injury sustained, thankfully for all concerned it was nothing more thank a grazed knee after a mountain bike tumble, but Ian Richards of the Pioneers was only too happy to show it off!

23 Jun 2013

This year’s pirate themed county Cub camp began with a more electric atmosphere than ever before. A total of 461 Cubs flooded the campsite; the largest number of participants in five years.

The camp began with each of the nine districts gathering in the campfire circle for the opening ceremony, which couldn’t have had a better start than with a sing-along to the YMCA!

This of course filled the Cubs with even more anticipation and excitement, as the ceremony continued with pirate themed games. One of these was the pirate quiz, where a member of the service team had to answer questions such as: “What’s a pirate’s gun called?” If the person got it wrong (which was often) a couple of the Cubs took great delight in covering him in thick, slimy gunge. This proved to be the most popular part of the ceremony!

26 Apr 2013

We are delighted to say ten adults and young leaders from our District were invited to receive awards at the County St Georges Day Ceremony:

Sandra Chick and Joyce Broughton are members of both District and Group Exec’s and were thanked for all of their hard work supporting scouting in our District.

Jenny Campbell and Barbara Armitage and Linda Evans of the District Active Support Unit received a big thank you, without whom many of our events would be short of adult support and many children and leaders alike would go unfed at camp!